Chani Hadad - Nof Ayalon

Michael's service is quick and thorough. He did not hesitate to speak to the IRS on numerous occasions! on my behalf.

Jason and Orly Cohen - Beitar Illit

You took care of everything and it was not a big deal for us at all. Usually these things are headaches and this time it was such a breeze. So efficient! Much appreciated!

Rabbi Dov Zalman Chastain

It has been a pleasure having my taxes done by Reb Nosson Buchsbaum for the last two years. Throgh all of my interactions with him, I hace observed that he is very professional, extremely fluent in American and Israeli tax law, and up-to-date on the latest developments in his field. He always returned my phone calls and emails the day that I sent him, and was very straightforward and easy to work with. I know I will be using his service again next year, and I highly recommend him to anyone…

Mark Marcowitz, Modiin Illit

Nosson Buchsbaum took care of my tax returns hassle-free. This is what an accounting firm should be like!

Gavriel A., Beitar Illit

Thank you so much for your service, personal attention and most importantly, the speed of which you proceeded. Your efficient and immediate processing of every document sent is worthy of note.

Ilana Hershko

I would like to warmy recommend the servic3es of Nosson Buchsbaum for American tax filing. His office, which includes his dedicated staff, performs outstanding work. They are always pleasant, ready to assist and answer any question. One of the benefits of using them is that thye won't forget you and they won't wait for you to call them. In so doing, they help you to complete matters expediently and for your benefit. I wish them much luck.

Jonathan Yunger - Hashmonaim

I know I can count on Buchsbaum Tax to handle all my tax needs responsibly. Their professionalism, efficiency and diligence were much appreciated.

Jonathan Herschlag - Beitar Illit

I want to thank you for your excellent service and express my appreciate for your professional advice, generous consultation time, low price, carefulness, integrity, responsibility and for the success in maximizing my benefits. Please feel free to use my name as someone that recommends you as #1.

Ari Enkin - Beit Shemesh

I am pleased to recommend Nosson Buchsbaum and his competent staff for all U.S. tax related matters. Mr. Buchsbaum has proven himself dedicated to his clients and works hard to ensure their peace of mind. He has certainly won my loyalty and trust.

Sholom Wohlgelernter and family - Jerusalem

We received both payments and wanted to thank you for your professionalism and pleasant service. Best wishes.

Eytan and Chani Smith - England

From the first day of our introduction, the level of service from Buchsbaum U.S. Tax Consulting has been superb and of a very high standard. A year and a half later, we can highly recommend Mr. Buchsbaum as an efficient, diligent and successful accountant. We thank him very much for all his efforts on our behalf and wish him every success for the future.


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